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Day 28: post #icebucketchallenge at school today! #31daysofhappiness #challenge #als #lougehrigsdesease

Day 28: post #icebucketchallenge at school today! #31daysofhappiness #challenge #als #lougehrigsdesease


i wonder if anyone has ever peed in the olympic pool


everything personal♡


everything personal♡


you might as well wear a condom on your head if you’re gonna act like a dick 

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“so i'm going to be a junior and in seventh grade i had a best friend but she changed schools and we lost touch and never talked again. i changed schools in freshmen year because in 8th grade i was always alone because everyone already had their clicks. i found a new best friend but this year i found out she is moving to another city too this always happens to me i'm scared to be alone again, pls dont just tell me "try to make friends" cause i have social anxiety and it's really not that easy”



yeah i know it’s not easy to make friends. it just kind of clicks for certain people. anxiety really does suck, and im really sorry that it keeps happening to you :( okay think about how you became friends with the other people. think about your similarities with them and how you guys clicked. think about how you could find other people like that. your friend could also introduce you to others. sometimes it’s hard to get closer to others. but you can always hang out with them in the group. even if it makes you nervous, start small. your best friend shouldnt leave you out of stuff. don’t start hanging with a large group or something. you can find something you like to do (clubs/sports). even if everyone there is already friends with each other, i noticed that if you make a comment on something, the other person can always agree and say something similar. it starts small like that. i know it’s super difficult. you can always talk to someone like a counselor about it, or a trusted adult. good luck <3



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