FIFTY SHADES OF CRAY STREAMING LINK Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole

21. straight & taken (FREAKING FINALLY!!!)


senior at JSC. Studying early/ special education and music.

Hardcore fangirl.

Sexually frustrated since 1992.

Ridiculously Romantic.

Disgustingly cute ginger

Urban Dictionary definition: A woman who tastes like unicorn meat.

OMV! (oh my vagina)

Passionately rough love

Obsessions/ Fandoms

Supernatural, Broadway, Archer, Parenthood, Bob's Burgers, Grey's Anatomy, Gravity Falls, Arrested Development, mustaches, cats, One Direction, Teen Wolf, Queer as Folk, Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, Broadway, Avengers, Hunger Games, Glee, The Office, Disney, Betty White, Awkward



I MISS JSC! I want to go back to school right nooooooooow!!! Going out of my mind.  Less than a week!

#jsc #Johnson State College #school
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